Bianca is one of the four Kuska students entering in 2012.  She has been dreaming about studying Marketing  for a while now, and with your help she will be able to enroll in classes in March. Let's give her a hand!
Kuska, Inc. is a U.S. non-profit organization, exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Under state law, which will vary from state to state, and federal law, which may change annually, monetary donations made in the U.S. are tax deductible.

For Donors :


Funding Kuska students is an easy and worth-while process! Simply follow these steps:


Browse Kuska student profiles. Click on the student’s name to view more detailed information about the student or donate to the general student fund!
Go to Student’s Profiles


Choose a Kuska student to sponsor.




Make a donation by selecting either the PayPal or credit card link at the bottom of the student’s profile page.




Criteria for entering into the Kuska program:

1. Demonstrated financial need (including individuals who don't have a job, who's family cannot afford to pay for their education, or those who do not depend on their family members for support).

2. Academic ability (must have graduated from high school and, in the case of individuals who want to pursue a master's degree, must have had above-average scores in college).

3. Must have a defined plan (applicant must already know the institution and curriculum he/she desires to study, and must know what he/she wants to do with awarded degree once he/she graduates).  There will be a preference for students that intend to stay in Iquitos and help the Iquitos community after graduation.

4. Other, which includes punctuality, personal appearance, and communication skills.

Each student is required to submit his/her grades and other forms of evaluation each month. Donors and Kuska staff members will be able to see his/her grades, and donors will be able to decide if they want to continue funding the student based on his/her performance. In the case that the student is removed from the program or the donor decides that he/she no longer wants to sponsor the student, then the donor will have the option of sponsoring a different student with the money that the donor has already contributed to Kuska.

Conditions for removal from the Kuska program: Although we have not had any problems so far and only choose students who are unlikely to fail in their pursuit of a degree, in good faith we must address this possibility. The student will be expected to submit his/her grade transcripts and other forms of evaluation each month. If he/she fails to submit these documents then the student will not be funded for the next month (classes are paid-for on a monthly basis for the majority of academic programs in Iquitos). If he/she fails to submit these documents within 1 month of receiving them then he/she will be removed from the program. Also, if the student fails to attend more than 2 Kuska meetings/information sessions without prior notice then he/she will be removed from the program. If the student fails one or more classes in a month, he or she will be put on academic “probation” for the subsequent month of study, during which the student’s situation will be examined more closely by a member of the Kuska staff. Finally, if the student fails to report to any class without prior notice of need for a leave of absence or demonstration of debilitating illness then he/she will be removed from the program.


Payment of student’s tuition and fees: All funds will be paid directly to the academic institution by a Kuska staff member. No money will pass through the hands of a Kuska student.


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Donated money is not refundable! In the event that a student meets any of the conditions for removal from the Kuska program, the donor may choose to reallocate the donated money to a different student, or to donate the money to the Kuska General Fund.


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For Peru: 01151 965018605

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